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The new Mighty Mini TENS Unit by Bilt-Rite® is an alternative drug-free pain relief solution. This lightweight, non-prescription unit is safe, effective and easy-to-use. With simple 2-button operation and ten levels of intensity to choose from, the Mighty Mini TENS is user-friendly and customizable. FDA - Over the Counter approved. No RX required for this item. 


MMT-1                                                              MMT-2
8 Units Mighty Mini TENS                                    Buy 16 get 17 Units -1 Free

MMT-3                                                              MMT-4
Mighty Mini TENS POP Display Kit 1                     Mighty Mini TENS POP Display Box

12 Tens Units & 12 Replacement Pads                  12 Tens Units & 12 Replacement Pads

** All Kits include a POP Display Box as well with 4-color header **

More Information:
The Mighty Mini TENS (TranscutaneousE lectrical Nerve Stimulation) is a device used to relieve pain in an injured or diseased part of the body in which electrodes applied to the skin deliver intermittent stimulation to surface nerves, blocking the transmission of pain signals.
The Mighty Mini TENS by Bilt-Rite Mastex Health is a pain management solution or targeted elect<otherapy that does not require a doctor's prescription. It's available OTC. It's Safe and Effective Therapy, Simple Wireless Oper,ation, Reusable Self Adhesive Pad, Portable, Light Weight, Can Be Worn Under Clothing and is a Drug Free Pain Relief Solution.
* Extra Replacement Electrodes Pads are available. * 


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