Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in luke warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. Squeeze out water gently-do not wring or twist. Smooth out support and lay it on a flat surface to dry at room temperature-never in direct sunlight. Do not use bleach, and do not allow petroleum based ointments to come in contact with the support.

For best results, take certain precautions before using this garment. Among them, make sure that -

1) The garment has no lose stitching.
2) All buckles, snaps, eyelets, etc. are firmly attached to garment.
3) There is no sign of rust, sharp edges, etc. on any part of the garment.

Check for all the above and other possible irregularities each time before the garment is used. Check the actual size of the garment against the size state on the label. Those with known reactions to certain materials (especially neoprene rubber) should not wear this garment. Discontinue use at once if any sign of dermatitis or other problem occurs. If discomfort occurs while wearing garment, discontinue use at once and contact fitter or physician. Discontinue use at once it signs of prolonged wear affect usefulness of garment. Contact fitter or physician with any questions about proper care or use. This item is intended for use in medical treatment(s), and not to be worn as a protective device during sports activity.


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